The journey began for Mark Anthony when he appeared on the front cover of the Mirror Newspaper, and the centre page of the Sun Newspaper to promote the Woolwich Bank Celebrity Get Together.

Morris Hayes, the keyboardist in Prince’s band The New Power Generation, opined that Mark “… looks more like Prince then Prince does”. And he sounds like Prince too!

Since that introduction, Mark Anthony has continued to be seen in public as THE Prince Tribute Performer.

Mark made history by being the first double to ever appear on the popular TV music show ‘Top Of The Pops’.

Mark also appeared on the very popular British TV programme “Star in their Eyes” that was shown all around the world.

Mark’s appearance at the Pepsi Chart show in London where he arrived in a black limousine with accompanying bodyguards as tall as the hills. To this day, no-one amongst the crowd is sure whether they were in the actual presence of Prince or not!


Mark also appeared in the Christmas special edition of “Birds of a feather” starring Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson along with noted film producer Michael Winner.

Mark is a popular invitee to movie premieres where he has attended such premieres as Naked Gun Two And A Half, Nightmare On Elm Street and Terminator 2. Mark was asked to promote a new Batman movie in Barcelona by performing a huge four stage set-up which was screened on television.

Mark has received major press coverage from British and European outlets such as Just Seventeen, Shades Magazine, Voice, Miss London, Hello Magazine, Daily Express, Girl about Town, The Enquirer and many other publications. He has also appeared for numerous radio and TV interviews including one memorable occasion appearing on Lorraine Kelly’s Radio Show including singing live on air.


Mark has made extensive tours and has conducted live shows not just in Great Britain but also in Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Norway. One ground-breaking performance in St Petersburg showed that Mark was at the forefront of a generation of tribute performers.

Finally, Mark had the pleasure of meeting the real Prince and his band.  Mark was invited to The Prince concert at Wembley Arena by the promoters, BMG, and then to the additional show at Brixton Academy by Prince’s management.

So many wonderful things have happened throughout the years, too many to mention, it has been an interesting journey.

And 2017 will be a great year for Mark Anthony and his fantastic tribute show. Sporting a new live band and performing in London and the rest of the UK, Germany, France and the USA, Mark Anthony will continue to be at the forefront of tribute performers.

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